3.25"x4.25" Vending CDC Safety Stickers

3.25"x4.25" Vending CDC Safety Stickers

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3.75"x4.75" Vending CDC Safety Stickers


This size is meant to fit well on full line vending machines as well as amusement machines. These stickers are larger than bulk vending stickers. They are easier to be seen on larger machines.

Show your customer you care about their safety with these stickers. It your customers that you care about their health and wellbeing so they continue to buy from your machines because we are continuously cleaning them.



Made to stick to the outside of the machine. These stickers are not the same easy peel as the rest. Each one is hand cut to size on glossy sticker paper. 
Stickers are made from a glossy finish polyester material


***All sizes are an approximation as variations can happen during the production process***

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